My name is Ivano Natale, I’m a black and grey tattoo artist from Naples Italy. The city I’m originally from is rich of art, history, architecture, culture, and music. These elements helped me develop an artistic mind at a very young age. My earliest memory of me drawing was in 2ndor 3rd grade. I was carving a drawing of a tree into my desk with a “BIC” pen. I got yelled at for doing something I shouldn’t have been doing. That was the first and definitely not the last.

After came scribbling on the wall in my room, sometimes even small areas under my bed. By the age of 14 I was tagging on other peoples walls. Today, at 28, I am drawing on peoples skin and it’s my everyday thing! Only this time I don’t get yelled at!

I started tattooing at the age of 22 and I have to thank my dad for that, I remember we were in the car and he was driving us to work while I was reading an article about tattoos in a magazine and looked at my father and said: ”I would have given tattooing a shot if I could go back”, he looked at me and said, ”what the fuck are you talking about? you ‘re still young! If that’s what you want to do just go for it!” He never thought I would have made it my career.

I didn’t go thru an apprenticeship, but I have to say that I’ve never hesitated to ask other tattoo artists questions about the techniques they use, or who inspired them the most. I believe that comparison means growth and being a better artist is all I want.

My parents pushed me to better myself so I started traveling at a young age. I was able to visit other countries and had the opportunity to deal with people from all over the world. I’ve tattooed everywhere and moved to Southern California for a few years before coming back to Naples Italy to open up my first studio/art gallery named : ThyGALLERY. The vibe here is perfect for my artwork and my lifestyle.

My black and grey tattoos got smoother over the years, my techniques have changed and my means of achieving quality tattoos have also changed. Tatsoul sponsors my tubes and needles, my machines are bishop rotary machines by Franco Vescovi . Inkeeze are the products I use while tattooing and for the healing part as well and I am a proud member of Sullen Clothing Family.I don’t mind the subject people ask me to tattoo on them as long as they trust me as an artist and let me display my vision. Every person brings in a different story and I translate that into art. My artistic background ranges from traditional, tribal, Japanese, and realism, however my primary focus is black and grey realism and surrealism. I work on other artwork such as pencil drawings and charcoal drawings. My artwork has already been used by “Sullen” clothing company and published in a few books. I’m always looking forward to do better and I thank all those that get tattooed by me or simply show respect for what I do. If you want to get tattooed or buy some artwork you can contact me thru e-mail at ivanonatale.bng@gmail.com