Markus Lenhard - Don't fight the Brain- Deposit

Price: $220.00 - Deposit: $30.00

April 29th - 16:00-19:30

200 Euro

In this seminar I will explain the ways in which our brains tell us where 
to look and what to remember before our personal taste kicks in. 
I will break this down into a fun visual study of several different kinds of contrasts, how to exploit their advantages and avoid their pitfalls. 

These contrasts come in a natural order of priority which is hardwired into our brains. 
These triggers, once understood will not only guide you to successful, effortless and confident looking compositions, but it will also render the world around you with greater depth and clarity.","Adjusting our own taste to these natural priorities is the key to successfully paint and design on autopilot and create imagery that will impact people before they know what they are seeing.
A deeper understanding is the greatest tool and fastest vehicle to finding a unique and personal handwriting within the graphic language of visual art. It’s a tool to find your personal style. 


I am tattooing for 12 years and have specialize successfully in Biomechanical and Abstract work both digital and tattooing. I always strive for convincing, organic or mechanical illusions of depth and light and try to capture attention while keeping my subject matter interesting without the need to be something specific. The difficulty of this task and my passion for natural sciences, paired with my urge to share, evolve and compare has informed this Seminar and many more relevant topics in the future and past.

Price: $220.00 - Deposit: $30.00
Markus Lenhard - Don't fight the Brain